Episode 34: With Special Guests Chris Carson and Brett Osler

Welcome back to the AFL Europe Podcast. In a special edition of the show, we sat down with Chris Carson and Brett Osler - two men set to represent the Australian Spirit footy side at this weekend's ANZAC Cup in Villers-Bretonneux, France. Both gentlemen have significant familial, military connections to the region and were kind enough to speak candidly about those connections and share their thoughts and feelings towards the ANZAC weekend.

Episode 32: One Kick Later - Leiha Shrubsall

Listen to this episode from AFL Europe Podcast on Spotify. On this episode of the AFL Europe podcast, our 'One Kick Later' series makes its grand return for 2022. On this occasion, as part of our International Women's Week coverage, we are joined by the Godmother of women's footy in Ireland, Leiha Shrubsall. Leiha has been a part of women's footy in Ireland since it's inception in 2009, co-founding women's Aussie Rules in the country.

Episode 31: With Special Guest Justin Clarke

Listen to this episode from AFL Europe Podcast on Spotify. Welcome back to the AFL Europe podcast! On our 31st episode, we're joined by former AFL footballer for the Brisbane Lions, Justin Clarke. Justin is currently a Rhode Scholar at Oxford University and recently took on the role of Oxford University's AFL Women's coach. We chat all things footy, diving into the highlights and lowlights of Justin's career and looking at life in the UK.

04. Generational Beef and Stephen A. Smith slander

Listen to this episode from The Up and (Down) Under Podcast on Spotify. Curtis and Joey welcome our international correspondent, Joe Arthur, with the second iteration of the ‘Trevor Ariza’ game (1:05) before discussing some recent slanderous quotes by Paul Pierce and Rasheed Wallace about ESPN and LeBron’s ability to play in a ‘tougher’ era (8:15), as well as the lack of genuine animosity in today’s NBA (21:15).